5. Change log

5.1. Version 0.6.1

Released: 2021-06-30

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed new Pylint issue ‘deprecated-class’ that is raised when importing from collections in Python versions that do not support collections.abc yet.

5.2. Version 0.6.0

Released: 2021-04-14

Bug fixes:

  • Docs: Fixed description of DictView rich comparison methods. (issue #20)

  • Docs: Fixed development status of Pypi package to be Beta.

  • Fixed that there is no ‘__reversed__()’ method on dict before Python 3.8.


  • Removed dependency to ‘six’ package.

  • Stated the memory and compute overhead of using immutable view classes.

  • Added support for hashing, dependent on the hashability of the underlying collection. (issue #30)

  • Added OR (|) operator for DictView on Python 3.9. (issue #38)

  • Added tests for pickling DictView. (issue #47)

  • Added access to the underlying collections via a property.

  • The view classes now use slots for the underlying collection. This improves performance and reduces the view object memory size from 48 Bytes to 40 Bytes. (issue #51)


  • Docs: Simplified the introduction section.

  • Docs: Removed INSTALL.md file to avoid duplicate information that can become inconsistent.

5.3. Version 0.5.0

Released: 2021-04-12

Initial release